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4 Things That Cause a Calgary Air Conditioner to Fail?


Calgary Air Conditioning

It’s a hot summer day and you turn on your Calgary air conditioner. On a day like this, the last thing you need is to have your air


conditioner stop working. You might not be surprised if you have problems with an older Calgary air conditioner, but often, newer air conditioning systems can fail due to a variety of problems – problems that can be fixed or prevented. Here are four of the most common problems that cause a Calgary air conditioning system to fail:


Blocked Air Flow – To operate efficiently, your Calgary air conditioner must be able to circulate air freely. Make sure you don’t have furniture is blocking your grills or air return vents. Otherwise, air flow is reduced and that can lead to all kinds of problems with your Calgary air conditioner.


Thermostat Problems – The brains of your Calgary air conditioning system is your thermostat.  If it’s located in the wrong place, it can cause your air conditioner to run constantly, putting wear on the system, and making your home too cool – which can lead to other problems. Make sure your thermostat is positioned where it is not getting direct sun or heat from appliances. You might also have an improperly calibrated thermostat. This can throw your Calgary air conditioning system out of balance, cool your home unevenly, and raise your energy costs. Thermostats can fail when they get clogged with dust. Check for gaps between the thermostat and the wall that allow drafts that will lower the temperature reading.  And finally, a thermostat that is not level on a wall can cause problems as well.


Refrigerant - One of the most common causes of Calgary air conditioning failure is leaking or improperly charged refrigerant — in fact, seven in 10 air conditioners have refrigerant that is improperly charged. The refrigerant, or Freon, flows through your Calgary air conditioner’s pipes and helps cool the air. If there is a leak, adding more refrigerant is not the answer. Never try to adjust refrigerant yourself – it takes a qualified technician to get it just right.  It needs to be properly charged for your Calgary air conditioner to work properly and to protect it from premature wear.


If your Calgary air conditioner is not doing the job, don’t get hot and bothered. Call the professionals at Distinct Heating and Cooling. They will help you find the problem and get your Calgary air conditioning system working again.


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Air Conditioning Calgary | Recognize the Tell-tale Signs

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Is Your Calgary Air Conditioner Trying to Tell You Something?

Air Conditioning Unit

Did you know that you may be able to spot problems in your Calgary air conditioning system, and get them fixed, before it stops working efficiently, or fails altogether? A Calgary air conditioner that is not operating properly will give you tell-tale signs before it fails completely. Recognize these signs, and you can prevent your Calgary air conditioning system from failing. There are both visible and invisible signs that there are problems with your Calgary air conditioner. Call a service technician, like the ones at Distinct, if you experience any of these:

Puddles – If you see puddles of water around your Calgary air conditioner unit, it’s time to call Distinct. You might have a problem with your unit’s piping, condensate pump or refrigerant. A qualified technician will be able to diagnose the problem.

Ice – If you notice ice around your Calgary air conditioner pipes or coil, it won’t be long until your unit stops working.  The ice may melt on its own, or you can use a hair dryer to temporarily melt the ice, but it’s a sure sign there is a problem that will cause it to freeze up again. Again, it’s time to call Distinct.

Noise – If your Calgary air conditioner suddenly becomes noisy, that’s a sign that it is improperly sized, or there may be a problem with the coil. Listen for grinding noises, especially when the unit is turned on or off.

Uneven Cooling – There are also some problems pointing to Calgary air conditioner failure that you may not associate with your Calgary air conditioning system. If the temperature in your home varies from room to room, that’s a sign of that improper duct sealing, insufficient insulation, or inadequate air sealing.  All of these can make your Calgary air conditioner work harder than it has to, and can lead to failure.

Humidity and Dust – If you have trouble controlling the humidity in your home, or you have more dust than usual, you may have leaky ducts or an improperly sized unit. Increased dust on your furniture might also be a sign of a dirty air filter, and that can lead to big problems in your Calgary air conditioning system. Always change your filter monthly and have routine maintenance performed by a professional HVAC technician.

If you have any of these signs – puddles, ice, noise, uneven temperature, uncontrollable humidity or increased dust, your air conditioning system may be trying to tell you something –it’s saying “Call the Calgary air conditioner experts at Distinct!”


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Making the Most of Your Calgary Air Conditioning System


Whether it’s time for a new Calgary air conditioning system for your home, or you are interested in improving your current system, there are several things you should consider adding to your system to enhance your efficiency and your comfort.

A smart addition to your Calgary air conditioning system is an air filter that will clean your home’s air whenever your furnace or air conditioning is on. A good filter captures dust and dirt, dander, pollen, spores and smoke. This can help reduce symptoms from allergies and other health conditions. You can also choose an ultraviolet purifier that emits short-wave ultraviolet light into air ducts. This technology is used in hospitals, pharmacies, kitchens and water treatment plants to kill airborne and surface microorganisms like mold, bacteria, viruses and fungus.

Every home should have carbon monoxide detectors to protect against carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a build-up of odorless, colorless gas produced by Calgary air conditioning and heating systems. A good CO detector has alarms and flashing lights to alert you when there is an unhealthy build up of carbon monoxide, long before you might feel any physical effects.

Since Calgary has an extremely dry climate, you should consider adding a humidifier to your Calgary air conditioning and heating system. This will help if you have problems with dry throat, dry nose, or static electricity. Along with a humidifier, adding a Programmable Thermostat to your Calgary air conditioner will ensure that your house maintains a comfortable temperature with little effort on your part. Not only is this a great convenience, it can be a cost saver. Set your programmable unit to automatically adjust the temperature when you are away from your home or sleeping.

You can also have an air exchanger connected to your home duct system. This will provide a constant controlled supply of fresh air into your home, expelling stale and contaminated air to the outdoors. Common household chemicals, paints, plastics, carpeting, radon, and even health and beauty products can adversely affect the quality of your home’s air. An air exchanger will also eliminate mold that can grow behind walls, and is a smart addition to your Calgary air conditioning system.

Talk to the experts at Distinct Heating and Cooling when you need a new Calgary air conditioning system, or give them a call to see how you can get the most from your existing system with any of these add-ons.

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The 6 Most Common Problems with Calgary Air Conditioning Systems

Calgary Air Conditioning
It may seem that your air conditioner is working fine – until the hottest day of the year. In reality, Calgary air conditioning problems can happen anytime. But they sure seem worse when it’s especially hot outside. There are six problems that we see the most with Calgary air conditioners.

We get many calls about frozen air conditioner coils. This is usually because air can’t flow, a filter is dirty or return air ducts have been blocked. This can also be caused by low refrigerant. Even if you turn off your air conditioner and let the ice melt, without proper maintenance, it is likely to freeze over again.

Leaking or low refrigerant can also cause complete compressor failure in your Calgary air conditioner. It’s important that your refrigerant is properly charged upon installation or repair. If you have a leak, simply adding more refrigerant won’t solve the problem, and could in fact make the problem worse. Refrigerant must be charged according to manufacturer’s specifications during installation. That’s another good reason to make sure your Calgary air conditioning system is installed and maintained by a certified technician.

Along with freezing, your Calgary air conditioning system may have drainage problems with the condensate drain becomes clogged. This is especially prevalent when it’s very humid outside. Check for a clog, and then call a professional to make sure there isn’t a bigger problem.

There are several problems related to electric controls and Calgary air conditioners. If your Calgary air conditioner is oversized, it will turn on and off too frequently, and that wears on the fan and compressor. Electrical connections and contacts may become corroded. Faulty wiring can cause havoc with a Calgary air conditioning system. Not only is improper and uncertified wiring dangerous, it prevents your system from getting power and can trip your circuit breaker, causing a complete power outage.

If your outside air conditioner fan is not working properly, your compressor can overheat and trip your safety overload. This can also cause permanent internal damage to the compressor. A non-working fan on the outside unit can also be caused by a faulty thermostat. When that happens, your fan can’t transfer heat from your home to the outside.

By far, the most common problems with Calgary air conditioners are due to lack of proper maintenance. Just like a car, your air conditioning system needs routine maintenance to keep it running properly. Your air filter needs to be replaced periodically and you should always have a thorough seasonal check of your air conditioner. And when you do have a problem with your Calgary air conditioner, make sure you hire a qualified professional like the ones at Distinct Heating and Cooling.

We hope you have a cool and comfortable summer. But if you find yourself being hot and bothered with air conditioner problems, call us at Distinct Heating and Cooling.

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Why Does Your Air Conditioner in Calgary Ice Up?

Has this ever happened to you? It’s a hot summer day. Your air conditioner in Calgary is keeping you nice and cool when all of a sudden it stops working. When you go to find the problem, your unit is frozen over with ice. When it comes to problems with air conditioners in Calgary, summers give them a workout. And that can take a toll on them.

There are four main things that cause an air conditioner in Calgary and other places to ice up.

1) The outside temperature could be part of the problem. When it’s hot and then the temperature drops, you may not turn off your air conditioner soon enough or you may have it set on too low a temperature. An air conditioner in Calgary should not be running when it is below 12 degrees Celsius outside. Otherwise, it can ice up since most units are not designed to work correctly when it is that cold outside.

2) But if it’s still hot outside, you may have a problem with your air conditioner’s refrigerant. There could be a leak in your system, in which case you will need to have your unit checked for leaks. Once the leak has been located it will need to be repaired, and then the system can be recharged with refrigerant.

3) Air flow may be a problem that is keeping your air conditioner in Calgary from working, and will cause it to freeze up. If your evaporator coil or air filter is dirty, air doesn’t flow well, and that can cause your unit to freeze up. That’s why it’s important to replace your air filter every three months. Also, check to make sure that all of your floor registers are open and that you do not have furniture blocking your return air vents.

4) If you’ve checked the temperature, refrigerant lines and air flow, but you still have a problem, you may very well have a defective blower. An air conditioner in Calgary will freeze over when the blower has stopped or is not running at the right speed. Blowers that are too small, have been installed incorrectly, or have failing bearings will overheat and stop, causing the problem. A sure sign that you have a blower problem is if you hear your air conditioner compressor running, but your fan isn’t.

So what do you do when you have a frozen air conditioner in Calgary? The first thing is to turn it off and let that ice melt. Put a bucket or absorbent cloth down to soak up the water.

Then call the experts at Distinct Heating and Cooling, the experts on air conditioners in Calgary. They will locate the problem and get your home feeling cool and comfortable again.

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Air Conditioners Calgary | The Reason Behind Air Conditioner Freeze up

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What Sets a Calgary HVAC Company Apart From All the Rest?

The best Calgary HVAC

You’ve decided it’s time to call a Calgary HVAC company to get an estimate for a new furnace or air conditioner. Or maybe you want to add on an air filtration system, or upgrade to a programmable thermostat. There are a lot of Calgary HVAC companies out there. And many of them look the same on the outside. How do you make sure you’ve hired the best Calgary HVAC company to do the job?

There are a number of things that set superior Calgary HVAC professionals apart from other companies. To make sure you’re hiring the best company to serve your needs, you need to do your research and ask questions. A reputable company will be glad to tell you what you need to know. Here are some things to focus on when looking for a Calgary HVAC company:

1) Is the company a member in good standing with Calgary Better Business Bureau? Distinct Heating & Cooling has an “A+” rating with the Calgary BBB.

2) Ask about the company’s experience and track record. Ask them for references to other homeowners they have worked with and provided the same type of work you are considering having done.

3) Ask about their technicians’ training. At Distinct, we look at what we do as quality craftsmanship, and our work shows it. Our Calgary HVAC technicians are highly skilled, thorough, and are trained to be helpful and courteous to our valued customers. They complete a strenuous four-year apprenticeship program and take great pride in their work.

4) Can the company assure you that they will do your installation without disrupting your life? This includes showing up on time, completing the job quickly and being courteous and clean. Distinct’s Calgary HVAC technicians are professionals – they show up on time, in uniform, and are trained to be clean and non-intrusive. They will get your system installed, up and running as quickly as possible, and leave everything as clean, if not cleaner, than they found it.

5) Does the company guarantee its estimates? Do they include everything in their quote so there are no surprises when it’s time to pay the bill? Distinct guarantees that their initial quote and final bill will be the same.

6) What are the company’s policies if something goes wrong? Have they stood behind the Calgary HVAC work they have done? In the unlikely event that something does need to be adjusted, Distinct will make it right – every time. We stand behind every product we install, because we install only the best. We will make sure it is the right product for your needs.

Taking the time to ask these important questions will give you the information you need to choose the best Calgary HVAC company for your job. Give us a call at 403-800-3261 – we would love to show you how Distinct Heating & Cooling is the best HVAC company in Calgary.

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Calgary HVAC Experts Help You Choose an Air Conditioner System That Fits

Cooling Load Analysis

You may hear Calgary HVAC companies talk about making sure you choose the right size air conditioning system for your home. An oversized or undersized air conditioning system will impact cooling efficiency and your monthly cooling costs because it will be working harder than it has to in order to cool your home. It’s true that your air conditioning system needs to fit the size of your home. Did you know it should fit your lifestyle as well? The way you live, the rooms you use and how you use them all impact your air conditioning needs. When talking with a Calgary HVAC company, the question is not which air conditioning system is the best. It should be which air conditioning system in best for you?

Cooling Load Analysis
Many factors go into choosing the ideal air conditioning system for your home. When it comes to size, your home’s square footage is important, but that’s not the only consideration. The Calgary HVAC company you choose to install your air conditioning system should begin by performing a complete cooling load analysis for your home. This will calculate how much heat enters your home during those hot days of summer. There are a number of things that affect these measurements, including the total surface area of the places heat gets in — the walls, attic, windows, and doors. The Calgary HVAC company should note the type and thickness of your home’s insulation in the walls and attic, the number of windows your home has, what direction your home face, and how much shade and full sun there is on your house.

Your activities also need to be taken into account when the Calgary HVAC company calculates cooling load analysis. This includes the home’s ventilation. What type of indoor lighting do you prefer? How much moisture comes from your bath, kitchen, and laundry room? These all contribute to indoor moisture and increase a home’s cooling load.

Air Conditioning Systems
Once your Calgary HVAC professional completes your cooling load analysis, that data is compared to the heat and humidity removal capabilities of various air conditioning systems. There are many air conditioning systems available to Calgary HVAC professionals. A good match is a unit that is sized correctly for your home and will cool your home in the most efficient way possible, taking into account your lifestyle and needs.

Call the Calgary HVAC professionals at Distinct today to find out which air conditioning system is best for you.

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Air Conditioner Calgary | Don’t Give Hot Air a Chance

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